Season 3 Episode 2: Popeye & the Sea-Section or Soylent Chalupa


In this very special Valentine’s Day edition of S2T VinnieKevinNateand Fancy Newsman Marcus are joined by comedian Uncle Trent Mcfadden for the first-ever S2T Dating Game with our special in-studio guest TriXXXy (not her real name, but she dates Marcus and would like her idenity protected); This week’s batch of creeps features a menage a trois that went horribly wrong, Temika the butt-enhancing fake doctor, and a mother-punching Times Square Spiderman; In Fancy News we learned about Belgian Chocolate-flavored postage stamps, we get to know Westminster Dog Show winner Banana Joe, and Hitler’s former food taster (obviously she did not taste the bullet first).

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